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Vol 1, No 92 | December 16, 2010

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Cent 159

Érase una vez un patio en Consell de Cent

by El Staff & Jessica Butler (photos)

“En cadascun d’aquests espais, aïllats per les vies urbanes, existeix un petit món, una petita ciutat o urbs elementa”, wrote Cerdà in Teoría General de la Urbanización in 1867, shortly before he had to accept that the developers of l’Eixample weren’t keen on wasting precious space on green patis for kids and grandmothers.

In 1996, nearly 150 years after the original “extension plan” was devised, the city founded ProEixample S.A. to make matters better. The organization acquires patio spaces when the possibility presents itself and turns them into public (and sometimes even green) oases. The process isn’t terribly fast but our great-grandchildren shall live in a better Eixample, where every 9th manzana harbors a green, carless safe haven.

Luckily, not all Eixample residents are that patient. A group of indomitable neighbors who live, work and play at Consell de Cent, 159 took matters into their own hands, banned the white vans from the pati and created their very own “petit món” on December 10th and 11th. The furniture restoration shop Déjà Vu brought out the chaise longue, turn-of-the-century tables, typewriters and furry vintage chairs; María Torróntegui, Delphine Bournique, and Imma Vallmitjana opened the workshop to show their art in progress; SololaVerdadesSexy presented new designs made out of vintage fabric; a big pot of steaming hot mint tea sat in the middle for everyone to drink; kids and friends were fed with paella and, even thought this wasn’t a hipster crowd, the obligatory French bulldog was spotted nibbling on leftovers while kids painted snails and airplanes on the wall. This urban idyll would have made Señor Cerdà very proud. The event shall be repeated very soon and probably on a monthly basis. Follow their announcements at

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