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Vol 1, No 94 | February 17, 2011

FAVORITOS is Barcelona's internet radio. At least it started that way. Now it's internet radio, real radio, on demand radio, a Barcelona agenda, a music video platform, and more. Goddamn! Hit it up, hijo!

Cine Maldá is a cinema almost beyond definition. Showings include "normal" movies, bollywood of the highest quality, and also occasional special, surprising and diverse cinematic events. Click ze logo. Absord ze culture. equals bar, cultural venue, quality musical agenda and also a neat lil' discount card that serves as the hook up to various other locales puts people together. Do you wanna learn a language? Are you a teacher looking for some trabajillo? Or, are you a naughty student in need of a firm profe? Ahem! Go get your learn on, you bad dog you!

Las Noches del Piso puts people together. Not students and profes persay, but house-hunters with house-havers. Need a room? Feel like meeting the person you might live with before meeting their pubic hair at the bottom of the shower drain? Then go here, get the necessary info, and go there.

Sala Monasterio is one of the best underground live music venues in all of Barcelona, a city starved for exactly that. Live blues, live jams, live Brazilian, all in a great basement setting. Oh and it's the future home of our battle of the bands event too. Thank you Sala Monasterio.

Canela PR
We love them because they're lovely. The best PR in Barcelona as far as we're concerned, and they do it in the same three three languages we use. Boomshakalaka.

        ¿Vols get linked?


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