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Vol 1, No 88 | July 15, 2010


Paraguas | nº 95

Low Cost | nº 94

Semilla | nº 93

White | nº 92

Pasta | nº 91

Resaca | nº 90

Porcs | nº 89

Dues Tintes | nº 88

Bytes & Bobs | nº 87

Connecta't | nº 86


Illustration & Writing Contest

Introducing the first edition of Dues Tintes. We asked writer/illustrator pairs to form equipos and create an obra in one week based on pautas that were assigned randomly. Each team submission had to reflect a genre (like terror, western, or fantasy); each illustrator had to incorporate the style of a visual artist (like Banksy, Matisse, or Klee), and a physical line that we assigned them; and each writer had to incorporate the style of another writer (like Bolaño, Cervantes, or Joyce), and a written line (eg, “It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings.”). We are pleased to present below the first ever winners of our little contest, Maga Kwasniewska & Ester Vallbona. These lovely ladies, in addition to being talented, are also now the happy owners of 200 Euros in abonos to book and art supply stores. Read on to see who else was hot on their tail, and click the entries to see a larger version.

Le Winner

by Maga Kwasniewska (Illustrator) & Ester Vallbona (Writer)

Los Casi, Casi

by Claudia Rifatera Amenos (Illustrator) & Núria Figueras Amenos (Writer)

by Sara Díez Santidrián (Illustrator) & Simón Lorenzo Ortiz (Writer)

by Mercedes Jiménez García (Illustrator) & Elías Martínez Viejo (Writer)

by Germán Tejerina (Illustrator) & Marc Recasens (Writer)

by Alejandra Espino (Illustrator) & Gabriela Damián (Writer)

by Anna Manolatos (Illustrator) & W.C. Willumsen (Writer)

by Andrés Valdovinos (Illustrator) & Jordi Corominas i Julián (Writer)

by Federico Marigonda (Illustrator) & Joe Burke (Writer)

by Andrea Gómez (Illustrator) & Manuel de Sousa (Writer)

by Rosa Maria Ospina (Illustrator) & Jo Marvel (Writer)

by Ariadna Reyes (Illustrator) & Alessandro Bernardi (Writer)

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